Oxford Bookworms Library (3 Ed.) 3: Space Factfile MP3 Pack

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Oxford University Press
Tác Giả:
Tim Vicary

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Tác giả:Tim Vicary
Kích thước:22 x 14 cm
Trọng lượng:148g
Năm xuất bản:2016

Oxford Bookworms Library (3 Ed.) 3: Space Factfile MP3 Pack

A non-fiction book, ideal for intermediate learners of English looking to improve and practise their English. The book is filled with useful vocabulary that is carefully graded and easy to understand, it also comes with audio, so that you can listen at the same time as reading.Is there anyone who has not looked at the dark sky, and the shining points of light above us, and asked themselves questions about what is out there? Where did our planet come from? When did the universe begin? Could we live on another planet? And one question above all - is there life anywhere else in space?Begin a journey into space - where spacecraft travel at thousands of kilometres an hour, temperatures are millions of degrees, and a planet may be hard rock - or a ball of gas. In space, everything is extraordinary ...

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