American Tiger 6: Activity Book

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22 x 28
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ELT: Learning Material & Coursework
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Macmillan Education
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American Tiger 6: Activity Book

Get your class roaring with enthusiasm with this story-based course where students learn about culture and values! American Tiger develops key skills such as social understanding, digital know-how, learning to learn and problem solving - everything students need to achieve their full potential. Within each unit lessons are carefully structured focusing first on vocabulary, grammar, and skills, and building to CLIL, culture, and projects, allowing children to practice and consolidate their learning throughout the unit.

Key Features:
• Humorous stories use everyday language that get students using English right from the start
• Well-staged and practical activities written with classroom management in mind
• Strong strand of CLIL builds skills and knowledge across a variety of subjects
• Integrated digital Presentation Kit for heads-up learning
• Teacher Resource Centre with a range of printable resources

• Student Practice Kit, downloadable Progress Journal and letters for parents build a strong home-school connection

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