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American Tiger 1: CD

American Tiger 1: CD

Tiết kiệm: 78,000đ (10%) Giá thị trường: 780,000đ
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Thông tin sản phẩm

Thể loại ELT: Learning Material & Coursework
Hình thức: Bìa Mềm
Kích Thước (cm): 13 x 14
Năm Xuất Bản: 2016
Ngoại Văn: ELT: Learning Material & Coursework
Nhà Cung Cấp: CDIMEX
Nhà Xuất Bản: Macmillan Education
Tác Giả: Nhiều Tác Giả
Trọng Lượng (gr): 200

Giới thiệu sản phẩm

American Tiger 1: CD

Carol Read has over 30 years' experience in English language teaching as a teacher, teacher trainer, academic manager, and materials writer. She has taught students of all ages and levels, from very young children to adults. Carol's main specialization is in primary language teaching and she has run numerous teacher education courses and worked as an educational consultant in many different countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Carol has published extensively in the field of teaching English to young learners, including course books, supplementary materials, online storytelling, and CLIL projects, as well as many articles on primary ELT methodology. Her most recent publication, Footprints, is a fully-digital, primary coursebook series. Carol's award-winning titles include 500 Activities for the Primary Classroom, which was Highly Commended in the ESU Duke of Edinburgh awards, and Bugs (with three co-authors), which won a British Council Innovation Award. Carol was President of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) 2014-2015. Mark Ormerod is a teacher, teacher trainer, and ELT materials writer from the UK. He has lived and taught abroad for more than 20 years, mostly in France, Spain, and Portugal. His specialty is using drama and mini-dialogues in class with primary school children, as a springboard for developing their confidence and language skills. Mark was Head of Macmillan's Teacher Training Services from 2001 to 2005. He now combines writing and speaking engagements with his work as a teacher.

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