Academic Vocabulary In Use

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Academic Vocabulary In Use

Academic Vocabulary in Use is the perfect study aid for anyone using English for their academic work ideal for students of any discipline, from engineer and social scientists to business students and lawyers, it covers all the key vocabulary you will come across in academic textbooks, articles, lectures and seminars. The book is designed for students at good intermediate level and above as well as those preparing for IELTS and other university entrance examinations.
Academic Vocabulary in Use
50 easy-to-use with clear explanations of new vocabulary and a variety of practice exercises.
Present new words and expressions in real-life academic contexts including extracts from lectures, presentations, essays, tables and graphs.
Includes an extra ‘Reading and vocabulary’ section with longer texts to give you more practice of key vocabulary.
Has a comprehensive answer key and a phonemic transcriptions of key words in the index to help with pronunciation.
Contains a handy ‘Reference section’ with notes on formal and informal usage, British, Irish and North American vocabulary differences and spelling variations.

Give you the most useful and frequently-used academic vocabulary based on the Cambridge International Corpus and established academic wordlists.

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